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A mutant (also deviation, abnormal citizen, or freak) is any resident of Hollywood who has been exposed to enough radiation or toxic waste to physically change to the extent that they lose their previous legal status. This happens more often than people would like to admit.


There is no unifying physiology among mutants, by their very nature.


Due to being officially classified as hazardous waste, mutants who are prone to violence are disposed of in the Death Peaks region of Hollywood. This is despite it being a bad idea to put violent mutants in proximity to more mutagens, decommissioned military equipment, and industrial scrap. Inevitably, mutants in the Death Peaks have developed a complex culture based around building heavily-armed vehicles (referred to variously as death machines, murder machines, and kill wheels), and then using those vehicles to blow up the vehicles of other mutants until they themselves are blown up.

Within the City of Hollywood, mutants are restricted to Moleburg and adjacent subterranean districts, thanks to City Ordinance #138. Only special legal dispensation from the city authorities or a duly designated movie studio can permit a mutant free passage in the surface world. Due to this, mutant culture within the city is very insular, down to using their own currency called "sparkles".

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