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Robots are a demographic of Hollywood defined as any intelligent machine, covering both androids and supercomputers among other things. Haunted animatronics are cryptids, considering the possessing force is the intelligence and not the machine.

Although there have been automatons in Hollywood capable of independent thought since 82 BBO, robots as a demographic did not exist until the development and release of the Robbie series in 28 BBO by Universal Service Systems. These intelligent, problem-solving machines were used as cheap domestic labor and expendable props for dangerous stunts for four years until the Robbie Riots of 24 BBO. Although sixty thousand Robbies were rendered non-functional by the LAPD, the growing cost of dealing with the riots led to the establishment of Steeltown as an urban containment zone, followed later by the Machine Intelligence Limited Rights Act of 17 BBO. Nicknamed the "Miller Act", this granted robots in Hollywood limited citizenry: third class, with the possibility of upgrading to second class in exchange a yearly fee.

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