Death Peaks

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The Death Peaks is a region of Hollywood with the greatest amount of volcanic activity, and considered inhospitable to human life. For this reason it is used as a dumping ground for toxic waste, violent mutants, and box office bombs. It also holds the record for most meteor strikes in any given area, although the reason why remains unexplained.


Formerly Death Valley and the surrounding area, the Death Peaks were formed after the Big One shattered the tectonic plate and caused a massive upswing in volcanic activity. There are over ten thousand active volcanoes in the region, along with a number of other volcanic features such as tar pits. Accurate mapping, even satellite mapping, remains difficult due to the constant shifting terrain and thick cloud cover. Besides the volcanoes, the region experiences a lot of extreme weather, including: acid rain, duststorms, fallout rain, thunderstorms, meteor strikes, and radioactive thunderduststorms.