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Human beings are the most powerful demographic within Hollywood, considered to be the majority even though they only make up around 30% of the total population. They are the only demographic with full legal rights, and the only demographic to have any presence at all outside Hollywood.


It is a common misconception that human beings within Hollywood are physically indistinguishable from those outside. There are numerous subtle differences caused by prolonged exposure to Hollywood. Brain chemistry is altered to compromise the moral compass and introduce selfish behaviour. Physical features are exaggerated to create a more unique appearance, perhaps to assist the human in the task of being cast in movies.


Humans enjoy a position of comfort compared to other demographics within Hollywood. The systems of power are almost entirely for their benefit, to the point where anything that doesn't cater to their whims is considered to be either niche or somehow racist.

However despite this innate arrogance, only around 1% of humans have enough wealth and power to be part of the elite. The rest are conditioned to believe they are through the constant production of human-centric media.

Demographics of Hollywood