Cambion Beezly

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Cambion Beezly Gender m.png
Profile Cambion.png
Demographic Toon
Occupation Billionaire playboy
Residence Toon Hell
First appearance Unknown
Affiliations Bub Beezly (brother), Ma Beezly (mother)

Cambion Beezly is the owner of Ninth Circle Casino in Toon Hell. He is the younger, richer, taller, better-looking, and more successful brother of Bub Beezly. He is also the major source of his brother's inferiority complex.


Cambion Beezly is approximately 8'10" tall (7'2" without the horns), with unblemished carmine skin and smooth midnight black hair that he wears long specifically to irritate his brother.

He favors bespoke suits without shoes, due to his cloven hooves.


With confidence that overflows into outright arrogance, thanks to never having experienced any sort of hardship in his life, Cambion Beezly approaches life without care or consequence.