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Toon Hell is a subterranean metropolis located within the Animation, an unspecified distance beneath Toon Town. It resembles a glitzy, neon-lit infernal underworld. However, it does not deal in punishment for one's sins, and in fact encourages as much sinning as possible.


Toon Hell is located at the western end of the Great Cavern that contains the Sizzling Sea, a vast underground reservoir of tumultuous magma that mirrors the Specific Ocean above. It also extends out into several smaller caverns.

A railroad line leads from the city up into Limbo Tunnel in the Catswhisker Mountains, connecting Toon Hell with its sister city above ground.


Brimstone Boardwalk

Main article: Brimstone Boardwalk

Although the frequent lava geysers and minor earthquakes make Brimstone Boardwalk's cliff-side location a little unstable to traverse for the unwary, it remains a popular tourism hotspot, with many casinos taking advantage of the scenic views of the Sizzling Sea.

Dante Beach

Main article: Dante Beach

A luxurious resort on the edge of Lake Hades, Dante Beach is famed for its sparkling black sands and searing hot surf.


Main article: Labyrinth

Labyrinth is a literal ever-shifting maze of back alleys and side streets that all boast the finest in entertainment and sin.

Morningstar Heights

Main article: Morningstar Heights

The heart of Toon Hell, home to Toon Hell City Hall and Pandemonium Station.

Serpent Gardens

Main article: Serpent Gardens

An upmarket district for the rich and powerful of Toon Hell, home to wide boulevards, palatial mansions, and palm trees that are somehow managing to thrive despite being on fire.

Toon Hell
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