Bub Beezly

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Bub Beezly Gender m.png
Profile blank.png
Demographic Toon
Occupation Mayor of Toon Hell
Residence Toon Hell
First appearance Unknown
Affiliations Cambion Beezly (brother), Ma Beezly (mother)

Bub Beezly is the present Mayor of Toon Hell. He is notoriously corrupt and sleazy, the qualities that Toon Hell both expects from and admires in their public officials. He has held the position through numerous scandals, thanks to his scrappy can-do attitude towards bare-faced grift and election-rigging.


Beezly has a certain sort of greasy charm most of the time, acting as if his bribe-taking and grifting is actually generosity and friendship. He always refers to others by playful terms like buddy, chum, or sweetheart. But the less in control of a situation he is, the more his temper emerges. He is filled with feelings of inadequacy deep down, and hates to be made to feel like less than he desires himself to be. The source of this complex is his younger brother, Cambion Beezly.

He has a somewhat strained relationship with Magic Wanda, his mayoral counterpart from Toon Town. He has a begrudging respect for her, undercut by jealousy stemming from his inadequacy issues.