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Manfred Gender m.png
Profile blank.png
Demographic Toon
Occupation Flunky
Residence No fixed abode
First appearance Unknown
Affiliations P.J. Sly (boss)

Manfred the Manimal is the toon flunky of nefarious director P.J. Sly.


Manfred has a general ape-like appearance overall, standing around eight feet tall even though he slouches. He has purple fur and mixed features, such as a long tail and large round ears, as well as a prehensile tongue and a bear-like nose. The prevailing theory is that he was drawn by an animator who didn't know what a gorilla looks like and didn't care enough to find out.


Manfred is eager to please, stemming from his abandonment issues. He never gives no as an answer if he can help it, and is often proactive in his service to the point of daydreaming new orders. Combined with the fact he is intensely stupid, this is a recipe for chaos on most occasions. Though many assume that this stupidity can be exploited, it is actually a lot harder to fool Manfred than it might appear, due to the sheer blunt force of his thinking. Only P.J. Sly has a knack for manipulating Manfred, although Manfred's opinion of Sly is so high that the toon would never consider it as such.

His favorite food is fruit pie, which he tends to consume in a single bite.


Whenever Manfred first emerged into Hollywood he was an overnight failure, rejected for every role he applied to for the better part of six months. Even after realizing that he was a large toon animal, this did not help him gain any traction with his career. He went from one odd job to the next, sweeping floors and hauling scenery, and inevitably fired for incompetence within a week. It was then, at his lowest point, that he was discovered by disreputable director P.J. Sly. Despite Sly's initial cavalier attitude to using Manfred as a flunky, the two formed a strange bond. Manfred respected and admired Sly greatly, and Sly was happy to be respected and admired at long last.

Since becoming Sly's right-hand toon, Manfred has enjoyed a comfortable employment that has paid slightly more than sweeping floors, with the added bonus of plenty of exercise in running from the law.