P.J. Sly

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P.J. Sly Gender m.png
Profile blank.png
Demographic Human
Occupation Director
Residence No fixed abode
First appearance Unknown
Affiliations Manfred (flunky)

P.J. Sly is a human director and all-around bad egg. He is never far from his faithful flunky, Manfred.


Sly is exactly 5' tall with an oddly large head, yet very small hands and feet. He has a widow's peak so high it occupies a point around the top of his skull, meaning his face is mostly forehead by volume as a result. He has what doctors have referred to as "resting scheming face" and a pronounced gap between his two front teeth. He sports a pencil mustache and slicks back his hair with scented pomade, since he believes firmly that it makes him look more approachable and honest, despite all evidence to the contrary.


A natural born huckster and charlatan, Sly is a first degree bounder as well as an occasional cad. He has a hereditary compulsion to scheme, dating back to at least his great-great grandfather (Alphonse Sly, registered ne'er-do-well), which makes most of his attempts at film-making into complicated scams that invariably backfire on him in some comical way. He retains remarkable tenacity and confidence in the face of continual failure, buoyed along by his fervent belief that eventually he will never need to work again, even though calling what he does for a living "work" is not technically accurate.


Sly was grifting before he could walk, mostly from his own family, which is why he was disowned at an early age. He attended several schools, mostly without the knowledge or consent of the staff, but considers himself self-taught in the school of life. He adopted his lifelong goal of becoming a famous director at age 32, after failing his previous lifelong goal of becoming a famous movie star due to his inherently unlikable presence. Statistically he has made several hundred movies, although this is only due to the sheer number of projects he has left incomplete.