Isla Carpathia

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Isla Carpathia is one of the Hollywood Islands, located several miles off the southern coast. It was previously a large section of Transylvanian mountains, excavated from their native land and imported by Harker Film Productions in 9 AH. Though mostly used for location shoots, the island has a small population, primarily cryptids.


Formerly a selection of mountains and valleys in Transylvania, the island was detached via a three-month drilling project and airlifted intact to its new location, complete with native wildlife and population.

Despite being relocated to an entirely different latitude, longitude, and altitude, the island has retained much of its original climate. Mists and thunderstorms are unusually common, although the temperature manages to be enough for women to walk or fly around comfortably while wearing revealing lingerie.


Harker Film Productions had lost much of their original sets in the Big One, and eager to exploit the newfound alterations to the Hollywood coastline, decided to claim one of the islands as a permanent shooting location. Plans went as far as blueprints for multiple castles and one haunted mansion, but when none of the new islands were deemed suitably atmospheric the decision was made to import one instead.

Settlements on Isla Carpathia

Los Noches

Located on the northern side of the island, the town of Los Noches has a population of approximately 2,000, making it the largest settlement on Isla Carpathia. It serves as the seat of local government for the region.

Santa Ajo

The small town of Santa Ajo and its surrounding villages have a combined population of approximately 800.