Harker Film Productions

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Harker Film Productions
Logo Harker.png
Founded 1896
Founders Jonathan Harker
Formerly Harker's Cinematographical Necessities Ltd.
Headquarters Castillo del Conde, Isla Carpathia
Key people Jonathan Harker
Subsidiaries None

Harker Film Productions (HFP) is a film studio based in Hollywood. They are best known for their line of horror-fantasy movies, leading to the particular genre being commonly referred to as "Harker Horror".


In December 1895 the Lumière brothers of France debuted their invention, the Cinématographe, to later be regarded as the first film projector and the genesis of the film industry upon which Hollywood is based. Among the paying audience was English-born real estate investor Jonathan Harker, who was so taken with the potential that he established his own company, Harker's Cinematographical Necessities Ltd., that would provide equipment to the emerging new film-makers. However, securing the necessary office space and contracts for shipping drained Harker's personal finances, so from 1896 to 1897 he traversed mainland Europe to find wealthy patrons willing to invest. Though initially unsuccessful in convincing members of the aristocracy of the merits of this innovation, he eventually secured assistance from an unknown Eastern European benefactor.

Harker's Cinematographical Necessities Ltd. moved to Hollywood in 1912 to take advantage of the rapidly-growing film industry there. Within a few short years, it was apparent that the company could not keep up with the pace of technological development, with almost half of their stock of equipment more than a decade old. Without any studios interested in such outdated cameras, Harker pivoted the company's direction in 1917, turning it into a small studio under the name Harker Film Productions. He and his benefactor hoped that by using their older equipment as a way to reduce costs, they could produce films that would balance the company's finances.

After a string of low-budget pieces that under-performed at the box office, Harker Film Productions made a gamble in 1922 with Vampyr, a thrilling silent film that shocked audiences with its incredible special effects. It inspired a boom of horror movies with HFP at the forefront, responsible for such films as The Raven (1925), Faust (1926), and The Curse of Cagliostro (1927), now all considered classics of the genre.

In 1967, HFP acquired and imported a section of Transylvanian mountains, embedding it into the seafloor approximately 40 miles from the coast as the man-made island known as Isla Carpathia. The studio's headquarters were moved to Castillo del Conde, an expansive mansion dating back to the 15th century. Almost all HFP films produced in the years since have been filmed on location on the island, thanks to its unique microclimate that provides regular eerie mists and dramatic thunderstorms.