Harker Film Productions

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Harker Film Productions
Logo Harker.png
Founded 89 BBO
Founders Jonathan Harker
Formerly -
Headquarters Castillo del Conde, Isla Carpathia
Key people Jonathan Harker
Subsidiaries None

Harker Film Productions (HFP) is a film studio based in Hollywood. They are best known for their line of horror-fantasy movies, leading to the particular genre being commonly referred to as "Harker Horror".


Founded in 89 BBO by former real estate investor Jonathan Harker and an unknown Eastern European benefactor, HFP shot to success with 82 BBO's Vampyr, a thrilling silent film that shocked audiences with its incredible special effects.

In 77 BBO, HFP acquired and imported a section of Transylvanian mountains, turning it into Isla Carpathia.