Grim Skelton

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Grimothy "Grim" Skelton is a human director known for his bleak, gothic outlook on family-friendly entertainment. He is married to Antoinette Black Valentine.


Skelton's early years were spent at the Maudlinne Home for Unwanted Children, after being left there at an unknown age by his parents. He had a miserable experience there despite the best efforts of the staff, preferring to intentionally spend his time in isolation. He was a sad and lonely child for many years, before becoming a sad and lonely young man. In 11 AH, as that sad and lonely man, he decided to try for a career in Hollywood. Not for fame or fortune, but to tell the stories that he felt were not being told: the depressing, fatalistic tales that would teach young and old alike that the world was a cold and hopeless place. Characteristically, he met with repeated failure during his first two years in Hollywood, although he kept trying to pitch his work regardless.