Antoinette Black Valentine

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Antoinette Black Valentine is a vampire actress and wife of Grim Skelton. She is one of the few vampires in Hollywood to have gone public with her status, doing so in 7 AH after a protracted legal battle with self-styled amateur "vampire hunter" Darius Knight.

She married Skelton in 32 AH after falling for the taste of his blood, which is reportedly "bittersweet with the melancholy of centuries" and "like a dark wine pressed from lingering, nostalgic grief". Despite her attraction being solely physical to begin with, over the years Valentine has come to view her husband as less of a portable beverage container and more as an amusing pet. Skelton, wholly unfamiliar with the concept of happiness, has often cited that this relationship is the best thing he could possibly have expected to ever happen to him, and remains dutifully faithful to his vampire wife.