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Whitman "Whit" Tobias Jolley (December 31 1899 — December 31 1975) was an artist, animator, and director who founded Whit Jolley Animation, a film studio specializing in all-toon productions. His most well-known collaborator was Tiny Cat, a toon feline approximately the size of a mouse, whose misadventures and escapades (mostly relating to his unusual size) delighted audiences for years. From humble beginnings he rose to become one of the titans of Hollywood, having shaped the industry and the world with his actions.


Jolley was an otherwise unremarkable man aside from two distinguishing features: his large ears, and a significant gap between his front teeth. These features were often lampooned and mocked by his detractors, including his former mentor Octavius Banks after the two men had their famous falling-out. It is widely believed that he began to sport a mustache in order to draw less attention to his teeth, and it quickly became part of his signature look.

His otherwise-unruly hair was kept tamed with pomade whenever he was in the public eye, which became increasingly often in his later years. Overuse of the product may have contributed to his receding hairline. Naturally dark-haired, he began to go gray in the early 1950s due to the stress of running a major studio, and spent his final years with snowy-white hair.