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Whitman "Whit" Jolley (112 BBO—22 BBO) was an artist, animator, and director who specialized in cartoons. The studio he founded, Whit Jolley Animation, became the Whit Jolley Corporation after his death. His work, his likeness and his genetic code are presently the full legal property of the Whit Jolley Corporation.

Jolley's most famous collaborator was Tiny Cat, a toon feline approximately the size of a mouse, whose misadventures and escapades (mostly relating to his unusual size) delighted audiences for years. However, Jolley's later works included feature-length cartoons, at the time the first of their kind, the success of which helped bring toons much-needed clout in Hollywood.


Jolley was well-known for being a tall man with large ears and a gap between his front teeth, by both critics and friends alike. He had unruly dark hair that he kept tamed with pomade whenever he was in the public eye. In his later years he had no noticeable wrinkles except for crows feet, which he attributed to "too much happiness".


Much of Jolley's eccentric personality can be traced back to animator-specific mental health issues that were undiagnosed or unrecognized during his life.


Whitman Jolley was born in the small town of White Falls, Wisconsin, the son of a bootmaker. He moved to Hollywood (then Los Angeles, California) at age 19 for unstated reasons, working as an illustrator for pioneering movie tycoon Randolph Witz. After a contract dispute, he parted ways and started working freelance out of a tiny one-room apartment that turned out to be adjacent to what would become the Toon Town crossover.