The Drench

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The Drench is a district of the City of Hollywood that was formed from the sunken ruins of the southern half of Long Beach in the aftermath of the Big One. Despite being almost entirely submerged beneath the sea, it is still an active and occupied part of the city. Due to the temporal effects of the Big One, the Drench contains a multitude of ruins from various eras of history, including several that never happened.


One of the larger districts of the City, the Drench extends approximately forty miles from the current coastline of Hollywood. Due to the shifting nature of the city in general and the ocean in particular, the exact borders are subject to change due to coastal erosion and tidal anomalies. The City authorities officially consider the area to be a persistent disaster zone, although they still tax the residents regardless.

Ruined skyscrapers are among the only significant fixtures visible above sea level, although sometimes residents erect crude shanty towns anchored in shallow areas, often for the purpose of diving for salvage or treasure. Between the frequent monsoons and storms, and occasional attack by local wildlife, these structures are always temporary.