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Pins Gender m.png
Profile Pins.png
Demographic Toon
Occupation Mob enforcer
Residence Sunset Slums
First appearance Unknown
Affiliations Needles (partner)

Pins is a high-level enforcer for the mob, almost always working with long-time partner Needles. As a toon, this career choice is somewhat unusual, but has been helped by his unnatural strength and capacity for casual violence.


Pins is a broadly human-shaped toon around 7'8" tall, with dark skin and closely-cropped salt-and-pepper hair. He is distinctly top-heavy, with an abundance of well-defined muscle. His gloves have an unusual three-pip design on the back, like the holes on a bowling ball. He always wears a small bowler hat that covers his eyes, regardless of whatever else he may be wearing, including nothing at all.


Pins has a personal philosophy that combines elements of nihilism with hedonism. The result is a laid-back attitude towards destruction and mayhem for personal satisfaction. Lacking any sort of significant sense of pain even for a toon, he is prone to starting fights for his own amusement. However he is not needlessly cruel, as he finds it boring to hit anything or anyone that cannot hit back in a meaningful way.

He enjoys smoking cigars, at least partially because he finds it funny to extinguish them on people's faces.