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The Whit Jolley World Resort, also called Jolley World, is an amusement park, film studio, administrative center and hotel complex located in Hollywood. It is the self-proclaimed "Cheeriest Place on the Planet" according to promotional material, and owned and operated by the Whit Jolley Corporation.


Jolley World is situated on the south coast of Hollywood, with the City of Hollywood directly to the north. It has a series of artificial microclimates created by powerful exterior air conditioning systems, which has disrupted the weather patterns of the entire Hollywood region and caused the extinction of around six thousand native species since construction finished in 3 AH.


Originally a much smaller park constructed outside the City of Hollywood in 37 BBO, Jolley World has gradually expanded over the decades, with the biggest expansion coming after the Big One hit. In the wake of Hollywood's newly redefined geography, the Whit Jolley Corporation obtained hundreds of square miles more territory to develop, mostly through legitimate purchase.


Jolley World is divided into themed areas, referred to as "kingdoms" as both an appeal to whimsy and also due to harsh feudal hierarchy of the Whit Jolley Corporation's management structure. Each one is accessible from the others via a complex monorail transit network.

Enchanted Kingdom

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The Enchanted Kingdom is the original Jolley World kingdom, with only a sixty-mile buffer of parking lots separating it from the City of Hollywood. It is themed aesthetically like a collection of storybook lands based off classic Jolley animated feature films, including 1001 Nights and Hansel & Gretel. It hosts a number of classic rides and attractions, along with many merchandise stores and dining establishments.

Tomorrow Kingdom

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The Tomorrow Kingdom is a combination planned community and unethical sociological experiment, seeking to push the very boundaries of scientific knowledge in various unrelated fields. Although originally conceived by Whit Jolley as a free residential area for his employees, it never saw construction until after his death, at which point it had undergone significant changes. The kingdom is hexagon-shaped, with a giant geodesic dome at its center serving as its administrative hub and symbol.