Chuck Chambers

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Chuck Chambers Gender m.png
Profile blank.png
Demographic Human
Occupation President of the United States
Residence White House Tower
First appearance Unknown
Affiliations Milton P. Motherly (VP)

"Cowboy" Chuck Chambers (born Charles Walker Chambliss, 86 BBO) is the current President of the United States, serving a life term in the wake of the Big One. At approximately 128 years old, he is the longest-living President in history, and may be too full of spite to actually die.


Chuck is a violent misanthrope with sadistic tendencies, which he disguises in public behind a friendly, folksy persona that draws upon his experiences as an actor in cowboy roles. He wears boots with spurs to press conferences and tells long-winded anecdotes about roping steers when asked questions he doesn't want to answer. But he takes note of the question, and who asked it, and makes sure their life becomes significantly worse for it. He is not above petty revenge, and in fact finds it one of the few things that can still make him smile.


Acting career

During the early years of Hollywood, Chambers (then Chambliss) began his career as a stunt rider on Western movies, quickly moving up to starring roles through a combination of skill, dependability, and family money. His first movie as lead, under his new name, was A Bullet for My Horse (64 BBO), and in the following years he made 2,872 more Westerns, culminating in Vengeance Rides Out Again (33 BBO).

However the many long hours of trick riding, widely considered to be his signature as an actor, had caused a rare medical condition that rendered him completely impotent. This knowledge has never been disclosed to the public.