An Overview of Twisted Hollywood

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This article is a work in progress and may be subject to change!

Twisted Hollywood is a fictional setting based on a deceptively simple idea: what if "movie magic" was all real?

What if, instead of a mundane reality hiding behind the scenes, it was all as fantastical and outrageous as it seemed? A world where the monsters in the movies aren't underpaid actors in rubber suits, but actual real monsters... still underpaid. Rather than a thousand animators toiling over a thousand drawings to create a cartoon, those cartoons are living beings, taking real anvils to the head, all in the name of comedy. There is proof of alien life in this world, and it is that aliens are here... and working on cheap sci-fi B-movies.

It is a world that is stuck in the methods and mentality of the Golden Age of Hollywood, rife with behind-the-scenes corruption and scandal, but pushed with cinematic extravagance to dystopian levels. A world where the film industry commands more respect, and more firepower, than most nations.