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The unnamed volcano cult is one of Hollywood's largest cults. It is dedicated to the worship of any and all active volcanoes, but specifically Mount Nowhere, where free admission and lax safety regulations have made it the best place to throw in sacrifices. The cult has very little in terms of written canon, specific rituals, or basic organization. The majority of its structure, what little there is, seems informal at best, which does nothing to dispel the various rumors that surround the cult.

Possible origins

The volcano cult may have existed before The Big One, despite the complete absence of active volcanoes in the Hollywood area at the time. It is hard to discern due to the absence of a stable timeline, but there is evidence that suggests that they were active at least thirty years beforehand. In these times members of the cult would throw prospective sacrifices into miscellaneous holes, many of which they had dug themselves, which prompted frequent threats of legal action.

Numerous Hollywood residents have come forward to claim knowledge of, or responsibility for, the founding of the cult. It has been cited as a college prank that got out of control, the result of a drunken bet made on the set of Bride of the Lava Beast (35 BBO), and other conflicting stories. All of the residents who have so far come forward about the cult's origins have been thrown into volcanoes by other members of the cult.