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A toon (shortened from cartoon) is a living animated being.

Toons originate from a parallel universe interlocked with Hollywood, called the Animation. It is often erroneously referred to as "Toon Town" due to the large metropolis of the same name located on the other side of the connecting bridge. The Animation is actually infinite in terms of both size and energy, acting as a source of limitless power for all toons, allowing them to perform feats of the impossible on a regular basis: the so-called "toon physics".


All toons have the appearance of two dimensions while existing in at least three, possibly more. These bodies are extremely resilient to almost all known forms of harm. A toon can walk away from a piano falling on their head, recover from being stuck in a bear trap, get better after being shot or blown up with dynamite, and even come back from death. That isn't to say that these things don't hurt the toon, but nowhere close to the same level as any human or other flesh-and-blood living creature. At worst it's comparable to stubbing a toe on something really hard.

Though toons need to breathe in order to talk, they cannot suffocate, either through drowning or choking. They can still lose consciousness if deprived of air for too long. This is more out of force of habit than any kind of negative reaction, and will not do any lasting harm. In a similar manner, they can "accidentally" breathe water or any other substance as long as they are oblivious to the fact they are doing it.

A toon's body is highly pliable in terms of form. It is easy for a toon, or external forces working on that toon, to stretch their body about without causing any sort of discomfort. A toon's limbs can be tied in knots, or their body squashed into an exceptionally tiny space. They can also morph their form at will in response to emotion or thought, a classic example being morphing their head into a wolf's in order to whistle at a pretty girl. However, even if their bodies act like rubber, they do not physically feel like rubber.


All toons have an innate urge to please others, which often manifests as an urge to entertain and cause laughter, but not always. This can be troublesome when they are outside the Animation, among people who are not as amused by being blown up by dynamite due to the terminally detrimental effect it has on non-toons. For this reason toons can be extremely dangerous, but thankfully they can be easily distracted from an otherwise lethal course of action.

Toons also have strong ties to the human subconscious, possibly predating their connection to Hollywood but ultimately unknown due to the shifting nature of the Animation. Much of toon culture and history appears to be related to human culture and history, but different in ways that can be subtle or completely unsubtle. For instance, Toon Town shares superficial features with New York City, possibly because it was the foremost idea of a bustling metropolis when Toon Town was discovered. This also affects toons on a more personal level, with individual toons bearing resemblances to famous figures from history.

Notable Toons

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