The Toon from Another World!

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True Tales of Toon Town
Series TTOTT.png
by Nicolette Inque
Don't fuss too much about continuity or canon with this series, just read and enjoy!

The Toon from Another World! is the fourth story in the True Tales of Toon Town series.

Featured characters


Phoebe Deimos has it all: fame, fortune, and her very own gang of flunkies that she grew in a vat. But she also has the paranoid thought that someday she might lose it all to the next cute, busty actress who comes along. Convinced that Nicolette is going to dethrone her from her position as the number one box office bombshell, she sends out the Gray Gang to abduct the poor little toon and film some creative blackmail material with the help of an overly-friendly tentacle beast by the name of Sebastian. But Phoebe's plans all seem to backfire in the end, especially when she trusts the finer points to a bunch of substandard clones.

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