The Old Country

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The Old Country is a large monochromatic area within the Animation, located across the Specific Ocean from Toon Town. It is the homeland of most black-and-white toons, and is still so monochrome that it saps the color from anyone who visits it, toon or otherwise.

The Old Country is a vast patchwork of many different tiny nations, mostly duchies and baronies, averaging out to the size of a typical baseball field. Each one nevertheless boasts about centuries of history, inedible local delicacies with unpronounceable names, national anthems that last for several hours, and other incredibly specific little details that separate them from the dozens of otherwise identical countries surrounding them.

Notable nations

  • The Imperial Principality of Greater Gesundheit, the de facto largest nation in the Old Country by 8 square inches. Ruled over by His Imperial Highness Prince Heinrich von Kaizerwurst the First, it has a staggering population of 302, not including livestock.
  • The Barony of Turnipsburg, home of Turnipsburg Toffee, the only candy that literally nobody likes.