The Mummy's Tomb

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The Mummy's Tomb (often just the Tomb) is a six-star restaurant in the City of Hollywood based out of a genuine ancient Egyptian tomb. It is currently owned and operated by Simone Nefertari, after the untimely and mysterious deaths of all twelve previous owners.


The tomb was imported from Egypt in 1922 by the restaurant's original owner, Carnaby Beaufort, in order to capitalize on the popularity of the discovery of King Tutankhamun. Beaufort, a real estate tycoon, insisted on sparing no expense for what he believed would be the finest themed dining experience in the world. The lavish grand opening was attended by three hundred guests from the Hollywood elite, and only marred by the untimely and mysterious death of Beaufort, who was discovered strangled to death with a look of terror on his face. It was ruled a suicide and ownership of the Tomb passed to Walter Mason, Beaufort's business partner.

Mason managed the Tomb for six months, before disappearing under mysterious circumstances. The ownership of the Tomb fell to Dabney McCormick, who was later arrested under suspicion of murder after Mason's body was discovered inside one of the restaurant's ornamental sarcophagi. McCormick was cleared of all charges after he mysteriously vanished from custody and was located six hours later, dead, inside one of the restaurant's ornamental sarcophagi. The new owner, Paul Reed, responded by putting up a small sign asking staff and patrons not to enter the ornamental sarcophagi. Four months later, Reed's remains were found in the manager's office just before opening, having been eaten alive by scarab beetles sometime the previous night. The Tomb was then closed for three months for health code violations.

The Tomb went through a further five owners in quick succession before being bought up by Roberto Mendez. A rational businessman, Mendez took every opportunity to publicly refute and dismiss rumors of a curse on the property, with the exception of a short message found scrawled on his desk in his own blood that read "the curse is real". His body was never found, and the Tomb was taken over by Lawrence White, whose body was also never found. White's son-in-law, Irving Donnelly, inherited the property from White. He sold the Tomb as quickly as he could manage, before being eaten by crocodiles.

The new owner of the Tomb was lounge singer Simone Nefertari, who had worked at the restaurant since its first opening night as an entertainer and occasional waitress. Whatever strange curse may have been responsible for the deaths of the previous owners seemed to have no effect on her, and despite her relative inexperience in managing a restaurant, the Mummy's Tomb became a successful night spot for the rich and famous.