The Long Knot Goodbye!

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True Tales of Toon Town
Series TTOTT.png
by Nicolette Inque
Don't fuss too much about continuity or canon with this series, just read and enjoy!

The Long Knot Goodbye! is the third story in the True Tales of Toon Town series.

Featured characters


Private detective Michigan Mutt, formerly a villain in the black and white era of cartoons but now retired from showbiz, has his slow day interrupted by a ditzy dame sauntering into his office. Nicolette Inque wants him to look into the artist who supposedly drew her, Rutherford Bartlett, who mysteriously disappeared without a trace before she had a chance to meet him. But Michigan only works for $200 a day (plus expenses) and the struggling starlet is light on cash. Luckily for her, she's got an ass worth at least that much, and Michigan's more than happy to take his pay by taking advantage.

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