Star of the Silver Scream!

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True Tales of Toon Town
Series TTOTT.png
by Nicolette Inque
Don't fuss too much about continuity or canon with this series, just read and enjoy!

Star of the Silver Scream! is the second story in the True Tales of Toon Town series.

Featured characters


When Nicolette accidentally sneaks onto a movie set, she catches a glimpse of famous movie star Adonis Valanche, a monstrous yeti with nevertheless a refined and cultured attitude. But when this classically trained veteran actor gets approached by the wide-eyed young toon, and gets an eyeful of her alluring body, the monster takes over. It's back to his trailer for a little champagne and seduction... at least until she wiggles her hips in front of him, sending him into a bestial frenzy that leaves poor Nicolette dazed, drenched, but happily satisfied.

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