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Schnooklyn is the central district of Toon Town, and also the point in the City of Hollywood where the Animation crosses over into Hollywood's native universe.


Occupying two universes at once makes Schnooklyn a difficult part of either city to navigate, even for toons. Hollywood attempted to solve this issue by building a wall around the area on their side, creating the Toon Town Tunnel to facilitate access, but due to the inherent volatility of basic physics in the Animation this containment is frequently breached accidentally. It has been described variously as a quasi-stable wormhole, a trans-universal rift, and a menace to decent people.

As part of Toon Town, Schnooklyn is situated on the lower east side of the Mudson River and makes up much of the city's downtown area. On the Hollywood side, it is a mere three square blocks and totally landlocked.


The Schnooklyn Bridge spans the Mudson River, connecting to SoSo on the opposite side. It boasts two hundred lanes for traffic, almost enough to deal with the twice-daily rush hour commute. Lurking beneath the Schnooklyn side of the bridge, in a troll-like fashion, is the district of Monsterville.

The Throwing Pie Factory is the biggest culinary-industrial site in the city, with hundreds of employees working around the clock to produce the millions of patented pies meant for hurling into unsuspecting faces.

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