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A puppet is most commonly comprised of felt and stuffing, operated through hands and wires to give the appearance of life. In Hollywood, they may have more than just the appearance of life.


It can be noted that what mechanisms supposedly control a puppet's functions do not actually attach to anything, despite first appearances. For example, a puppet can be "operated" by a single arm that clearly belongs to a human being, except that arm is rising up from behind an obscuring surface that could not possibly conceal a fully-grown human being. Attempts have been made to ascertain what is actually controlling puppets, with the prevailing theory being that they might be the appendages of some extra-dimensional godlike entity that is slithering into reality through unseen fissures in the fabric of the universe, and perhaps further investigation would be a bad idea.


Puppet culture, such as it is, seems to be based around emulating the world around them. They play at performing jobs, although clearly no actual work is being done or money exchanging hands. Additionally, many of these jobs seem to be deliberate misinterpretations of actual jobs, such as garbage collectors literally making a collection of garbage. There is also an extraordinary amount of singing done, usually with upwards of ten puppets taking part. It often includes a poorly choreographed dance routine that relies heavily on flailing limbs and bouncing in place.

For now puppets are content to live whatever strange lives they've created for themselves, with no sinister motives yet perceived. The majority of puppets, as best can be determined, live in Alphabet City, which is full of many doors and low walls that could conceivably be hiding a million full-time puppeteers, but which probably aren't.

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