Phoebe Deimos

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Phoebe Deimos Gender f.png
Profile Phoebe.png
Demographic Alien
Occupation Movie star
Residence Penthouse Suite, Legitimate Hotel
First appearance The Toon from Another World!
Affiliations The Gray Gang (flunkies)

Phoebe Deimos is genetically-engineered Martian bombshell who has been in hundreds of billion-dollar blockbuster movies. She has backing from the mob, who sunk a small fortune into creating her as part of a complex money-laundering scheme.


A 5'9" curvaceous beauty, Phoebe has green skin, dark blue hair, and gravity-defying assets. Although her DNA is majority Martian, she received numerous augmentations and alterations during the development process, making her around 23% human and 11% "other". Her exact genetic makeup is a closely-guarded secret.


Outwardly a pleasant person, if a bit of a demanding diva, in private Phoebe is consumed with aggressive paranoia that her spot as number one is under threat. She suspects every cute young starlet as being as manipulative and scheming as she herself is, and tries to tear them down before they get to her first. To this end she comes up with elaborate plans to discredit or ruin them, but somehow these plans always end up backfiring on her in some way.