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Did you know?
Toon Town was founded by explorer Townley Toonington!
Hot damn!

Welcome to the Twisted Hollywood wiki!

This is a repository of semi-accurate information all about a mostly fictional alternate universe, just a few hundred dimensions removed from your own!

It's a world that's home to showbiz, scandal, and the seriously strange! Not to mention some naughty content here and there, so please – 18+ only!

This wiki currently consists of 166 articles!

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Martian superstar Phoebe Deimos is always on the lookout for the next big thing in Hollywood — so she can put an end to their career before it starts. Paranoia? Maybe, but she's got no intention of losing her position as the number one box office bombshell to anyone. Not even to aspiring toon starlet Nicolette Inque! The real question is, can Phoebe's bumbling flunkies pull off what should be a simple blackmail job?