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Welcome to the Twisted Hollywood Wiki, a repository of information on a fictional alternate version of Hollywood, and all of its weird and wonderful inhabitants. This wiki currently consists of 165 articles.
This is not the Hollywood you know. It's the Twisted one. An interdimensional nexus of weirdness and excess that defies the laws of physics and the gods themselves. But most of them are happy to work in this town anyway, there's a lot of good roles going for a deity who can bring their own miracles.

It's a vibrant, crazy dystopia that crosses boundaries and corrupts everything it touches. A place where movie studios have private armies, toons walk the streets with aliens and talking animals, and the landscape has seen so many earthquakes it's been jumbled to Hell and back - literally.

Latest Fiction
Series TTOTT.png

True Tales of Toon Town - The Toon from Another World!

Phoebe Deimos has it all: fame, fortune, and her very own gang of flunkies that she grew in a vat. But she also has the paranoid thought that someday she might lose it all to the next cute, busty actress who comes along...