Katzen Docks

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Katzen Docks is the port district of Toon Town, to the south of Schnooklyn where the Mudson River meets the Specific Ocean. The Docks sees ships from numerous other ports of call, including the Old Country, Stand Bayou, and Coldernell.


Katzen Docks sprawls down the coastline of Toon Town on the east side of the Mudson Bay, past the southern edge of Wrongside and up to the rocky shoals of Shipwreck Cove.

Ingress Island is typically considered part of the area because of its relatively small size, despite being some distance from the coast.


Originally a single jetty with Townley Toonington's rowboat tied to it, the area was first known as Town Port. However the establishment of the Katzenhammer Shipbuilding Company, which expanded the docks to their current size, gave the area its better-known name.

As the Hollywood entertainment business took off, Katzen Docks was instrumental in importing much of what the growing Toon Town needed: bananas, anvils, and more toons, to name but a few.


The Katzenhammer Shipbuilding Company building is a fixture that can be seen from almost anywhere in the Docks, thanks to the ridiculous size it requires to hold multiple tankers, battleships, and other vessels within. Locals use it as a landmark to find their way around the jumble of piers and jetties that make up over half the area of the Docks.

Notable residents

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