Invasion of Hollywood

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The Invasion of Hollywood was an unsuccessful military operation conducted by the alien Armada of Many Worlds against Hollywood in 1962. Despite an overwhelming strategic advantage, the invasion fell apart after just three days. The remnants of the invasion forces have since partially integrated with Hollywood society.

Events leading up to invasion

The Hollywood Space Agency was established in 1951, with the area's unstable physics providing a sizeable advantage. Under the Trans-Planetary Distribution Project (1957), the brainchild of HSA Administrator Thaddeus Finckenstein, copies of Hollywood films were launched into space with the intent that new markets among the stars could be opened up to Hollywood. The two major problems with this were that the majority of the movies selected for the project were science fiction B-movies involving aliens being killed or humiliated by Earth, and that each launch package included an itemized bill of sale for whatever civilization received it. Administrator Finckenstein was quoted as saying, "we're not running a charity here. Spaceman better pay spacebucks, toot sweet."

The disparate alien species who had received TPDP payloads found themselves in immediate agreement that whatever planet Hollywood came from needed to be dealt with. Progressing beyond that stage took over a year, especially when it came to the best method with which to deal with Hollywood. Among the vetoed options included dragging the planet into the nearest black hole (deemed infeasible due to the cataclysmic dimensional instability), sending gigantic monsters to destroy all their cities (numerous gigantic monsters already present), and replacing everyone with pod people (unclear how it would fix the issue at hand). Eventually the decisions was reached to send an invasion fleet now and sort out a suitable punishment later.