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Hollywood is the name given to the area within the United States of America that encompasses the former district of Hollywood, the former city of Los Angeles, the former state of California, and additional territories that include several islands and parallel dimensions. It operates on a different set of laws (both legal and physics) than the rest of the United States, revolving around the film industry and related organizations. The name is also commonly used as a general term for the City of Hollywood, the sprawling urban megapolis at the heart of greater Hollywood.


Main article: History of Hollywood

Hollywood began as a small community circa 100 BBO, becoming the site of choice for the emerging film industry for various mundane reasons, or possibly due to the area being a nexus of dimensional instability that breached space and time. There are theories that this instability was drawn to the spot by the acts of the film industry itself, the process of making so many movies causing a ritual-like effect that attracted the attention of various forgotten gods and otherworldly powers. There are also theories that whatever eldritch beings interfere with Hollywood would not even exist without the film industry, making them servants of the movie-making process rather than the other way around. Regardless of the cause, which is still unknown, the fact remains that Hollywood is a magnet for weirdness.

One of the first subtle effects of this dimensional instability seen in Hollywood was the emergence of living drawings, seemingly springing to life from the pens of certain artists. It became apparent that these beings, called toons, were not being created in Hollywood itself but emigrating from an alternate universe that had become entangled. The entanglement became known as Toon Town, adopting the characteristics of the surrounding city as perhaps an attempt to blend in.

While the strangeness was initially considered to be charming, a quirk of the area that was otherwise harmless, it was not to last. Things became more malignant with the Battle of Los Angeles, that saw Hollywood aggressively taking over the city that had housed it up until this point, along with much of the surrounding area. This expansion continued, almost entirely unchecked, until the Big One occurred. This record-shattering earthquake also shattered time and space, distorting Hollywood so entirely that it may now be entirely separated from the rest of its original reality. Assuming that it even had an original reality to begin with, as many records of the time before the Big One are no longer accurate.


There are several regions that make up the greater Hollywood area.

Alta Hollywood

Main article: Alta Hollywood

The northernmost region of Hollywood, thick with sequoia forests.

Backlot Foothills

Main article: Backlot Foothills

Composed of multiple smaller territories, each one privately owned by movie studios and other corporate entities.

City of Hollywood

Main article: City of Hollywood

Formerly Los Angeles and surrounding areas, the City of Hollywood is now almost unrecognizable to its former self due to both the post-quake landscape and the urban overdevelopment. It has an estimated population of anywhere between 40 and 100 million.

Death Peaks

Main article: Death Peaks

A region defined by its volcanic activity and relative instability. Used as a dumping ground for toxic waste, violent mutants, and box office bombs.

Fremont Mountains

Main article: Fremont Mountains

A mountain range formed by the Big One that has created a natural barrier between Hollywood and what is left of Oregon, possibly preventing further expansion north.

Gwanji Valley

Main article: Gwanji Valley

The southernmost region of Hollywood is thick with sweltering jungles and swamps after a radical shift in climate following the Big One. It is more sparsely populated, due to a lot of dinosaur-related fatalities.

Hollywood Islands

Main article: Hollywood Islands

There are numerous islands off Hollywood's coast, some having arisen due to the seismic activity of the Big One, others manufactured or artificial in nature.

Jolley World

Main article: Jolley World

The largest theme park ever created, functioning almost as an independent nation within Hollywood itself.