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Dollop Hills is a district of Toon Town and the home of the city's richest and most influential citizens, as well as its oldest institutions. The southernmost part is also sometimes called Old Town, due to it being adjacent to the original founding location of Toon Town, Fort Townley. In true toon spirit, the streets of Dollop Hills are paved with actual 24-carat gold.


Dollop Hills has an average elevation of approximately umpty miles, allowing the district to literally look down on the rest of Toon Town from on high. Wide, winding roads lead up the hills, with the more ostentatious and expensive homes higher up. There are three major hills and seven smaller minor hills, with several connecting bridges to save on travel times. As is common in toon geography, the bases of the hills are narrower than the tops.

Further northwest from Dollop Hills are the Catswhisker Mountains.


After the founding of Toon Town, the settlement's most affluent residents were quick to establish their homes where they would not only be the most impressive, but also far away from the muddy streets and general grime of the rest of the town. The nearby hills proved to be sufficiently tall enough to allow for the wealthy citizens to stay out of reach, while still being close enough that they could continue to taunt the poor.

The area became known as Dollop Hills after quadrabazillionaire Roland Dollop, the third Mayor of Toon Town, who built the Mayoral Mansion on the central hill that still serves as the private residence of the Mayor to this day. Dollop's policies of reckless spending and personal indulgence saw many civic improvements to the Dollop Hills area.


In addition to the homes of the wealthy, Dollop Hills also boasts Toon Town's most prestigious universities: Pimento University (or "Old P.U.") and Inkwell University (or "Well U"). The two institutions have had a longstanding rivalry, both academically and via sports. The occasional match between the P.U. Stinkers and the Well U Wannas will bring in the crowds, eager to see if both teams will be playing the same sport this time.

The attempts at education do not stop at the universities, however. Overlook Observatory and the Actual History Museum do their utmost to keep the local residents utterly bored of the wider world around them.

Notable residents

  • Magic Wanda, the present Mayor of Toon Town, resides in the Mayoral Mansion in the Hills when not running the city from Toon Town City Hall.
  • William Snout, the dean of Inkwell University, has his own rooms there where he frequently entertains and educates his favorite students.
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