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Devils are a relatively new and small demographic within Hollywood, having arrived at an indeterminate point in the past, but possibly around the time of the Big One. They are widely known to be both peaceful and helpful, having successfully litigated into oblivion anyone who claims otherwise. Almost all of Hollywood's legal professions have a strong devil presence in their numbers, except for public defenders.


A devil's existence is an elaborate legal fiction. Their physical appearance, their personality, and the extent of their abilities is all governed by contract law. Through the right small print and sub-clauses, any devil can alter themselves more to their liking. But the reverse is true: if outwitted in the negotiations or caught unawares by a particularly tricky paragraph, a devil can end up shaped by the other party. Perhaps for this reason, devils love to engage in contracts with other devils, to test their skills. It is not always a gamble, but the element of risk is often cited as the appeal.

Devils look absolutely, completely human at all times. This is because horns, piercing yellow eyes, or any other number of features that they may or may not have, are now considered to be legally permissible for humans.

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