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Photograph of the Schnooklyn streets, Toon Town.

Toon Town (also called The Big Anvil) is the point where the Animation connects to Hollywood, occupying the space of approximately three city blocks on the Hollywood side. It resembles something of a mirror image of the City of Hollywood's urban sprawl. This is either a possible example of sub-quantum entanglement or just a very weird coincidence.

The current Mayor of Toon Town is Magic Wanda.


Toon Town is a coastal city on the edge of the Specific Ocean, much like how the City of Hollywood is on the edge of the Pacific Ocean. However, despite Hollywood being on the west coast of the continent, Toon Town is on the east coast. Toon Town lies nestled in the Mudson Valley, with the river running through the city. Out to the west are the Catswhisker Mountains and the Lumberly Woods.


Toon Town was founded by Townley Toonington, famed explorer, when he got lost trying to find the source of the Mudson River. He built Fort Townley, now a historic landmark, with his own two hands. The original Toon Town grew up slowly around Fort Townley, until the discovery of the crossover point with Hollywood. Toon Town soon became a bustling metropolis as toons from the Old Country migrated across the Specific Ocean to establish themselves in the entertainment industry of this strange parallel world.


Dollop Hills

Main article: Dollop Hills

Whether old money or new money, you are welcome in Dollop Hills as long as you have money. The richest of the rich and other society elites make their homes here, usually sprawling mansions or stately townhouses. The area also hosts two of the oldest, most prestigious universities in the Animation, Pimento University and Inkwell University.

Katzen Docks

Main article: Katzen Docks

Where the Mudson River meets the Specific Ocean is Toon Town's busiest port, Katzen Docks. By reason of it being the only port. As well as shipyards and warehouses, the area boasts the most nautical-themed bars and saloons per square mile. Nearby Ingress Island, with the Statue of Lunacy, serves as one of the great symbols of Toon Town.


Main article: Monsterville

Located entirely underneath the south end of the Schnooklyn Bridge, Monsterville is home to Toon Town's most visibly monstrous inhabitants, hence its incredibly accurate name. With mixed architecture and bad-tempered local residents, it's not recommended for tourists.


Main article: Schnooklyn

The part of Toon Town that directly crosses over into Hollywood, Schnooklyn is also known as "Downtown Toon Town" by locals. It is bordered on its east side by the Mudson River. Much of Toon Town's business and industries are sited here, including Acme Labs and the First National Bank of Toon Town.


Main article: SoSo

Not the best district in Toon Town, but not the worst. Mostly sleepy suburbs punctuated by the occasional mall, SoSo is where most of Toon Town's middle class citizens call home.


Main article: Tenderloin

Close to the heart of Toon Town, Tenderloin is home of entertainment venues such as theaters and restaurants. The famous Joe's Diner franchise began in Tenderloin, with the original diner still open all hours. The district is shaped uncannily like a steak, with the "eye" of it being Bologna Park.

Urban Jungle

Main article: Urban Jungle

An island in the middle of the Mudson River, the Urban Jungle is a mix of towering skyscrapers and treetop canopy. With vine-swinging as common a method of transport as a taxi cab, it is an unusual district by any standards other than Toon Town's.


Main article: Wrongside

Found on the other side of the railway tracks, Wrongside is a den of nefarious activity and the criminal element. It features many hideouts, speakeasies, and also Toon Town Prison due to the very sensible logic that it reduces the commute for most criminals.

Toon Town
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