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The Times Herald Tribune Post is a newspaper based out of Toon Town. It is the most reputable paper of note in the entirety of the Animation, although it is dismissed in Hollywood as being full of useless and nonsensical toon news.


The Post was established in 1808 with backing from influential quadrabazillionaire Roland Dollop, who was seeking a respectable newspaper that would back his bid for the position of Mayor of Toon Town. Having found none, he went with creating one of his own, appointing long-time drinking buddy Gordon C. Gull as editor-in-chief.

Notable staff

  • Reed A. Bowditt, current editor-in-chief, has a reputation for being a fussy micro-manager that is not undeserved.
  • Gavin Gadfly, freelance photographer, is considered a charity case by O'Donnell and given work on that basis.