The Gray Gang

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The Gray Gang is a group of gray aliens in the service of Phoebe Deimos. Unlike other grays, they were made from substandard materials in a repurposed hot tub. Because of this, they are all very stupid.

Members of the gang

As all grays are almost identical to each other, the members of the gang differentiate each other through outfits and unusual name choice.


Wears only a pair of sandals and a speedo, despite frequent requests to put on more. Very supportive and personable, he loves to start slow claps until he forgets what he was clapping for in the first place.

Jimmy Quantum

Wears a pair of oversized sneakers and a Hawaiian shirt. Considers himself to be the technical genius of the outfit because he once ate a bag of microchips after a misunderstanding.


Wears a tie and an expensive watch, after being told you should dress for the job you want. Nobody knows what job he wants, including him. Fractionally smarter than the others, yet completely unable to read or write in any language.


Wears a baseball cap, backwards, and multiple pairs of sunglasses. Widely accepted as the pilot of the flying saucer even though he never actually does any piloting. Smells faintly of chlorine at all times.

Turbo Dude

Wears cargo shorts and a bandana. Trying to cultivate a reputation as a party animal through his own, unconventional means. This involves eating a lot of balloons and confetti.