Nicolette Inque

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Nicolette Inque Gender f.png
Profile Nicolette.png
Demographic Toon
Occupation Wannabe movie star
Residence Toon Town
First appearance Lights! Camera! Gangbang!
Affiliations Honey Hellfire (BFF)

Nicolette Inque is a blonde toon with a voluptuous human appearance. She was drawn for reasons unknown by animator Rutherford Bartlett before his mysterious disappearance.


Nicolette is is shy and a little low on self-esteem, despite the way she looks. In fact she is oblivious to how other people regard her as attractive, not understanding the frequent wolf-whistles and drooling that spontaneously happen to people she talks to. She prefers to think of herself as "cute" over "sexy", even though she is definitely both. Even though she is quite smart in her own way, she's easily flustered and even more easily led astray by fast-talking individuals.

She maintains a happy-go-lucky, positive attitude even when things don't go well for her, always trying to see the best in everyone and in every situation.