Mondo Island

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Mondo Island is one of the Hollywood Islands. It is used as a wildlife refuge for kaiju, with a ranger station as the only non-kaiju presence on the island.


The island has two volcanoes, Mount Megalith and the smaller Mount Bombo, which gives the landscape its distinctive "crescent moon" appearance. There are numerous smaller islands around the main island, with the largest only half a mile across. Much the island is dense jungle, with wide areas of scrubland on the north side, and a large swamp on the southern side. Besides the volcanoes, the geographical features of the island are mostly nameless.

Notable residents

  • Atomicus, Gigantopithecus colossicus, a radioactive prehistoric ape around 150 feet in height.
  • Emperor Gorgora, Titanoboa imperator, a snake around 250 feet in length, mutated through means unknown.
  • Yolbo, Xenos mirandi, a creature from another planet around 200 feet in height.