Michigan Mutt

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Michigan Mutt Gender m.png
Profile Michigan.png
Demographic Toon
Occupation Private eye
Residence Bayside
First appearance The Long Knot Goodbye!
Affiliations Coney Cotton (friend)

Michigan Mutt is a black-and-white toon with strong canine features but no fixed breed. A former screen villain, he now operates as a private investigator out of the Bayside area in the City of Hollywood. He can be hired for $200 a day (plus expenses).


Michigan is brooding and contemplative, partially because he's slipped into a full-blown "private eye" mentality. He often monologues to himself about recent events without realizing he's talking out loud. But despite this surly demeanor and his reputation as an on-screen villain, he's a decent enough guy underneath.


Acting career

In the early days of cartoons, Michigan started off doing small parts in ensemble scenes, including a brief appearance as a big bad wolf in Funny Fables (1922). His size and stance made him a natural for playing bullies, such as the beat cop in Main Street Mayhem (1923). It wasn't long before he had a major role as the recurring bad guy, working opposite Coney Cotton. His first big role was as "Junkyard Mutt" in Coney Goes Hot Rod Racing (1925), and he returned in all but eight of the Coney Cotton cartoons.

When the switch to full color cartoons happened, Michigan had already been growing disillusioned with the reality of showbusiness. He opted to retire from the industry.

Detective agency

After a sabbatical period, Michigan came back to Hollywood to establish himself as a private investigator. Although considered highly unusual for a toon to take an interest in such a job, he proved to be more than capable at it.