Magic Wanda

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Magic Wanda Gender f.png
Profile Wanda.png
Demographic Toon
Occupation Mayor of Toon Town
Residence Toon Town
First appearance Unknown
Affiliations None

Magic Wanda is the present Mayor of Toon Town. She was formerly an actress, specializing in "evil queen" and "wicked witch" roles.


Wanda has a haughty, regal look that serves her just as well as a career politician as it did when she was an actress. But underneath the cold eyes and high cheekbones is a cheery, positive attitude and a genuine love of civil service. Far from the cruel tyrants she played on screen, Wanda is a compassionate and thoughtful mayor, and is much beloved by the citizens of Toon Town because of it. When called upon, she can still be as scary and as intimidating as ever, but reserves this for more appropriate targets, like Chuck Chambers.

She has a playful sense of humor and enjoys teasing people with her magic powers.