Honey Hellfire

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Honey Hellfire Gender f.png
Profile Honey.png
Demographic Toon
Occupation Devil girl
Residence Toon Hell
First appearance Unknown
Affiliations Nicolette Inque (BFF)

Honey Hellfire is a devil girl toon and citizen of Toon Hell, where she manages to have a truly shocking reputation despite the copious amounts of sinning that is commonplace there. She has no fixed place of residency and no steady job, preferring to bounce around from place to place and bed to bed, seeing what sort of delightful trysts and orgies she can indulge in.


Drawn for sin and loving every minute of it, Honey has an insatiable appetite for the lewder things in life. Her sultry, and occasionally bratty, attitude is something of an affectation to keep everyone's eyes (and hands) on her. But she has a sweeter side underneath the innuendo and suggestive gestures, as evidenced by her genuine friendship with Nicolette Inque. At heart she is playful and a little bit greedy, always out for the next good time.