George Grumbles

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George Grumbles Gender m.png
Profile blank.png
Demographic Toon
Occupation Chief of Police, TTPD
Residence Toon Town
First appearance Unknown
Affiliations Magic Wanda (boss)

George "Growler" Grumbles is a grizzly bear toon and the long-suffering chief of the Toon Town Police Department.


Grumbles has a pear-shaped body with short, stumpy legs that gives him an overall look that is jolly and friendly, except for his sullen and soulless eyes. He is around 6'10" tall, naturally scruffy, and has a general air about him that suggests he doesn't sleep much. When he is not vacantly staring off into nowhere and wondering where his life went wrong, he is angrily shouting at whatever it is he is currently blaming for his life going wrong. For this reason he avoids looking at mirrors as often as he can.


Grumbles is both his name and his nature, predisposed to muttering under his breath whenever things do not go his way, which is often. His honey habit is currently ten cups a day, and only likely to rise further as the stress of his unconventional job eats away at him.


Formerly an actor, Grumbles played the role of "Growler Grumbles" in the Forest Follies series cartoons (1933-1952), until he was fired due to problems arising from his out-of-control honey addiction. As misfortune would have it, his firing coincided with the foundation of the TTPD, and with his unresolved anger issues he was a shoe-in for the position of chief.