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Dude Perfect is an established toon actor and anthropomorphic coyote with golden brown fur, intense orange eyes, and a distinct speech impediment. Dude Perfect remains in Hollywood, working part time as a qualified dietician and an unqualified fitness instructor.


Dude Perfect started off as a gym teacher in Toon Town, and started his acting career in the theater, where he gained some fame for his portrayal of an Australian Othello. He transitioned into amateur film when he and his friends would record their surfing antics. This became known as the Beach Break series, usually found on bootleg videos and online resources. This led to his big break when he was signed on as the main protagonist of the film Lilac Lagoon (27 AH), Australian brain surgeon and championship surfer Mick Lagoon. In the film, Perfect's character has to face off against the despicable Willoughby & Sons (purveyors of powdered koala) in a surfing competition.

Now a distinct characteristic, and an aspect that helped sell the surfer chic within his movies, Perfect suffers from an unusual speech impediment. An unfortunate accident on the set of Lilac Lagoon 3: The Drongo District (34 AH) involving a nuclear-powered surfboard and a misplaced aircraft carrier. At the instant he collided face-first with the hull of the aircraft carrier at supersonic speed, his psyche aggressively with absorbed elements of his character, Mick Lagoon. The incident left him unable to speak without slurring his words into one partially-incoherent jumbled sentence. He has also been noted to end and begin his sentences with "Shhaahhh", "Barney", "Duuuuddeee", "Tubular", and "Akaw!".

Perfect is currently rumored to be working on a new film about an unlikely duo of surfer and man-eating shark, teaming up to learn the value of friendship and why surfing goofyfoot is a perfectly acceptable style.