Coney Cotton

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Coney Cotton is a black-and-white toon rabbit, best recognized by his asymmetric ears and circular patch over one eye. He was the lead in the Coney Cotton cartoons where he played an assortment of roles, including baker (Coney Cotton Rolls it Out), boy scout (Coney Cotton Goes Camping), and hobo (Coney Cotton Rides the Rails). He retired after the shift to color, and now resides in Toon Town where he owns and runs the club Lucky Foot in Tenderloin.

He remains good friends with his former co-star, Michigan Mutt.


Cotton's happy-go-lucky persona on the screen is more tempered in reality, but still as street-smart and crafty as he ever was. His savvy has only grown more sharp from years exposed to the colder side of showbusiness, but like most toons he has remained upbeat.