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Bernard Bros. Entertainment (commonly known as Bernard Bros. or the Double-B, abbreviated to BB) is a film studio based in Hollywood. They are one of the "Big Five" that control much of Hollywood's movie industry.


The studio was founded in 99 BBO by identical triplets Sylvester, Chester, and Maurice Bernard. The three had been unsuccessful in two previous business ventures, a mail-correspondence clown college and a termite ranch, but their lifelong motto of "third time's the charm" persuaded them to try their luck once more. They opened up Bernards' Theater in Pennsylvania, but after two months of showcasing Hollywood films, they realized the money was in the making rather than merely showing them. Chester famously declared that "any three idiots could make better pictures than these, and gentlemen, last I checked there are three of us" and the brothers set off for Hollywood after burning down their own theater in an insurance scam that provided them with the necessary seed money.