Battleship Jones

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Battleship Jones Gender m.png
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Demographic Toon
Occupation Bartender
Residence Toon Town
First appearance Unknown
Affiliations none

Battleship Jones is a humanoid shark toon who formerly served as a morale mascot in the Toon Platoon during both World War 2 and World War 3. He now owns and operates his own bar in Katzen Docks, Toon Town.


Jones is loud and boisterous, and very heavy-handed in both his speech and his literal hands. He likes to crack crude jokes and curse at length, but despite all this he manages to remain approachable and friendly, at least to those without unpaid tabs.


After the United States of America entered World War 2, the federal government commissioned a line of morale-boosting cartoons that would be screened to serving troops to keep them in good spirits. Major studio Bernard Bros. took the contract, searching for toons who would have the patriotism and the nerve for the job. Jones made the final cut, cast as the mascot for the naval forces due to his aquatic nature and his extensive vocabulary of obscenities. The group was named the Toon Platoon, and would go on to make close to a hundred cartoons for the duration of the war, as well as a small number of live performances and goodwill tours. Jones made good friends with all his colleagues, especially Gremdolyn Fitzgiggle and Bomber Mustang, who both served as mascots for the air force and would frequently co-star with Jones in cartoons set in the Pacific Theater.

After the war's end Jones stayed on in Hollywood for several years, but eventually returned to Toon Town in 1955 after it became clear that his previous work was making it hard to land new roles. Flush with cash, he lived the high life for most of the 1950s, including a stormy on-again-off-again relationship with Fitzgiggle. After circumnavigating the Animation in 1959, he spent the 1960s living in the Disorient.

Though he had presumed his work with the Platoon was done, when World War 3 broke out in 1971 he was called back into active morale service. Jones spent a further seven years with the expanded Platoon, featuring in 53 of the 122 new cartoons, usually paired with his new sidekick and foil, Marina Zarina. However, by 1978 the war's popularity among the moviegoing public had waned significantly, and the resultant budget cuts meant an end to the federal contract with Bernard Bros. and the disbanding of the Platoon. The members of the group went their separate ways, with Jones returning to Toon Town once again.

Sinking the last of his earnings from the Platoon into buying real estate in Katzen Docks, Jones' new venture was a dive bar for the salts and sailors of the city. It proved successful enough, due in no small part to his fame. He has lived the comfortable life of a small business owner ever since, although he always makes time for his old friends from the mascot days.

World War 3
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