Battleship Jones

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Battleship Jones Gender m.png
Profile blank.png
Demographic Toon
Occupation Bartender
Residence Toon Town
First appearance Unknown
Affiliations none

Battleship Jones is a humanoid shark toon who formerly served as a morale mascot during World War 3. He now owns and operates his own bar, the Scurvy Swab, in Katzen Docks.


Jones is loud and boisterous, and very heavy-handed in both his speech and his literal hands. He likes to crack crude jokes and curse at length, but despite all this he manages to remain approachable and friendly, at least to those without unpaid tabs.


After the successful launch of World War 3, the government of Hollywood commissioned the Whit Jolley Corporation to field a team of toon morale mascots to inspire the troops, via live appearances and propaganda shorts. Jones was among this group, representing the naval forces, along with Grunt O'Rilla, Herman Sherman, and Gremdolyn Fitzgiggle. The group gained steady work, but after five years the war had mostly been forgotten by the major studios, who had moved on to different genres. The government assumed that as WW3 had ended, and if it hadn't it would eventually burn out by itself, and so the morale mascots were surplus to requirement. The group was disbanded, and went their separate ways.

Jones attempted to make a career in the movies, but his blue humor and rough-and-ready style made it hard to find work. He gave up and moved back to Toon Town, sinking the last of his funds into buying real estate in Katzen Docks. His new venture, a dive bar for the salts and sailors of the city, proved successful. He has lived the comfortable life of a small business owner ever since, although he always makes time for his old friends from the mascot days.

World War 3
Known Participants Hollywood
Morale Mascots Battleship Jones ★ Gremdolyn Fitzgiggle ★ Grunt O'Rilla ★ Herman Sherman