Alphabet City

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Alphabet City is a densely populated enclave located within the City of Hollywood, most notable for its chaotic, labyrinthine construction and numerous colorful doors. Almost all its residents are puppets, with an estimated population somewhere in the range of one million. Accurate census data is unavailable due to puppets being very bad at answering questions, and also not being classified as legal residents under Hollywood law.


The site of Alphabet City started off as a set of warehouses for prop storage, which became abandoned when the company that owned them went bankrupt. The exact date puppets began immigrating to the site is unknown, but in 19 BBO, two years after the forced closure of the warehouses, a minor newspaper article headlined "Hollywood Faces Puppet Infestation" described the changes to the area. Chaotic, unskilled construction teams had, using materials of unknown origin, begun work on forming the first levels of Alphabet City. Everything was immediately slated for demolition and torn down within the week, but it was all back again seemingly overnight, bigger than before. There were a further eight demolition attempts, the last one (in 15 BBO) failing before it began due to interference from a puppet of gargantuan dimensions. Though constrained by the shape of Alphabet City and unable to fully emerge without shattering the construction itself, the puppet (nicknamed "Googly Joe" by locals) still managed to prevent the demolition by destroying three pieces of heavy machinery and eating several workers.

Hollywood has since maintained a policy of containment rather than destruction. Sanitation workers and animal control specialists are sent into Alphabet City on semi-regular occasions to ensure that no construction extends beyond designated containment lines, and to subdue the rowdier puppets, often with flamethrowers.